Targeted WEBINT Reports

A range of illicit activities, ranging from criminal activity to terrorism takes place on a hidden part of the web called the “dark web”. It is outside the reach of ordinary web browsers and search engines such as Google. In the dark web, criminals and hackers openly trade information, goods, and services, as well as plan illicit activities. S2T Analytics provides targeted WEBINT reports, allowing organisations to find out crucial information available on social media, the deep web or the dark web.

Using the GoldenSpear Data Discovery Platform and GoldenSpear Foresight System our analysts are able to collect and sieve through huge amounts of information rapidly to produce targeted and actionable reports.

Such reports can be used to uncover the identity of online personas who publish in social media, allow due diligence or 'Know Your Customer' checks, as well as be used for counter-terrorism.

For example, In January 2015, S2T's intellignece team uncovered a darknet website hosted on TOR, which raised funds for an American Islamic terror-cell identified with ISIS. The extremist Islamic organization is known for its use of online media for distribution of propaganda and recruitment of new members. Given the recent crackdown on sites, social media profiles and forums used by ISIS, we expect the organisation’s activity to expand to the darknet.

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