06 February, 2015

New ISIS Hacker Group Declared

As of January 2015, a new global Jihad unit called “The Electronic Jihad”, provides its followers with online hacking courses.

The past three classes focused on methods of server encryption, most likely for the use of RATs, as the courses’ content suggests. Though the organization stated its allegiance to al-Qaeda, its contents are branded with the ISIS flag. The material’s publication online matches a series of attacks by ISIS affiliated hackers against US military targets.

16 January, 2015

Malaysia Report

Malaysian 1MDB scandal was widely used by the country’s opposition members to bash PM Najib Razak, but the real opposition Najib is facing comes from within the ruling party. Are UMNO party members planning to oust the prime-minister?

For the past months a public discussion is being led by DAP (Democratic Action Party) concerning the management of 1MDB, a strategic development company wholly owned by the government of Malaysia.

06 January, 2015

An S2T Analytics Discovery

It’s Getting Darker: An American ISIS-Related Terror Cell Raises Money on TOR.

Facing financial distress, the Jihadi group turns to the Dark web to ask for money that would be used for training Islamic youth to struggle against the enemies of Islam. The group’s uses a Bitcoin account to gather money. This is yet another indication that global Jihad, having been exiled from social media, now searches the services of the extremely anonymous network.